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Deposits for appointments can be made on our website as you go through the process of scheduling your appointment. You will then be directed to Paypal where you can create an account or just enter you card details. Creating an account is best. It allows for faster future checkouts, and if you shop online with other retailers, it's a quicker, easier, and safer way to make card transactions without giving out your card information. Just so you know, the salon DOES NOT have access to your card number or information if that's your concern.

Option 2, bring in cash and make your appointment in the salon. ​Type your paragraph here.

DEPOSITS......!?!, How can I do a deposit if I don't have a debit/credit card OR bank account OR I'm skeptical about using my card on your website or online.....Type your paragraph here.

Schedule the relaxer. We'll figure it out when you arrive. However, If you're not sure if you want some type of weave,  you should contact salon and schedule a weave service. DO NOT schedule a shampoo or relaxer and then arrive wanting a sew-in or quick weave. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT  set yourself up for disappointment.

I'm not sure if I need a relaxer or a shampoo, which do I schedule?                                                        

Sorry I'm late. I got caught in traffic. Is it alright?   

NO, again your appointment/ deposit is for your scheduled time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will forfeit your deposit and have to reschedule.  If the stylist can comfortably work you in, a LATE FEE WILL BE INCURRED. 

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment? Something came up.

No problem. Deposits can be paid in the salon with cash OR card at anytime. This online option is intended to be more convenient, but you are always welcome to make a deposit at the salon.

I want to schedule, but I don't have a debit/credit card?

The deposit is REQUIRED for ALL service. Because this time has been made available to comfortably service each client, the non-refundable deposit help to reimburse stylist for lost time in the event of a no-show. However, when the client shows for the service, the deposit is applied to the total of the service (minus a processing fee).  The deposit system also prevents others from filling up the schedule with frivolous appointments.

I was trying to schedule an appointment, but I stopped when it asked for a deposit. What is the deposit for?

If there is not an appointment available for the day and/or time needed, you have basically waited too long to schedule your appointment. It's highly recommended that you schedule your appointments as soon as possible. The schedule changes without notice. There are others seeking and making appointments as well. So, if you saw the time you needed available when you looked this morning, but you decided to wait until later tonight to schedule, there is a good chance that appointment day/time is no longer available. If this happens, select another day/time. SAME DAY appointments are sometimes available for an additional fee.

Go to "APPOINTMENTS" above. Select the service needed. Next, select the day. Then choose an available time.

What if there aren't any appointments available for the day and/or time that I need?

How do I schedule an appointment?


Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions, Comments, Suggestions,

Hair Models... 

We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions that will allow us to service you better.  In addition, we seek hair models for  demonstrating a variety of styles and looks to be featured on our website, Facebook, or Instagram. Interested models should enter info here and prepare to send current photos of you/your hair for consideration. Click HERE to sign up.

NO, you aren't required to take photos. If asked to take one, I think it'll be a good idea. It was our photos of others that led you to us. NO, we don't always take photos. We take photos if we are in a photo taking mood, that's first. Secondly, if we don't have time to take a photo, we won't waste the next clients time taking pics of you. Most often we try to get a photo of a major transformation. When photos aren't taken, it has nothing to do with us NOT liking your hair. We love every style that we create. IF you want us to you photo, you can ask and we'll take it. 

Photos... Do I have to take them?, Are they taken every time?, Why didn't you take my photo?...

There is a discount offered with a promo code. I don't see the service listed. How do I use the promo code?

TO USE A PROMO CODE, You will select the service like normal. Select Date, time, and enter your information. At the end, you will be prompted for a promo code. Where is says, "PROMO CODE", you will enter your code in that box. Discounts are honored when you arrive for your service.

Discount codes have expiration dates. Some codes a limited offers, (i.e. " First 5 clients"). Most codes are service specific, meaning the discount is only valid for that particular service.. ALSO, MOST if not ALL PROMO CODES REQUIRE A DEPOSIT. If your appointment request is completed using a PROMO CODE and you DID NOT submit a DEPOSIT, your appointment WILL BE CANCELLED.

Sure, You can reschedule or cancel your own appointment, Go to your original confirmation email and select either cancel or reschedule. Remember, you CAN NOT reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment time and get a refund of your deposit. Appointments cancelled prior to the 48 hour period can be rescheduled, and you deposit and be applied to a future visit. NO REFUNDS are given in any circumstance, unless there is an issue that prevents the stylist from servicing you.

I want to make a 2 PM appointment, but I'm not sure if I'll be there in time because of a prior appointment.

DO NOT SCHEDULE for a time that you are unsure about. The deposit DOES NOT hold you a spot. Only schedule for a time that you are sure that you can make it. Your deposit is non-transferrable/ non-refundable/ non-negotiable and is only good for the time scheduled.