​SEW-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS  (last 2+ months )       $150 +

Our basic sew-in hair extension service includes a shampoo and conditioning treatment, braid down of natural hair, commercial hair installation (FULL OR PARTIAL), cut and flat iron. 

Track-by-track installation is $25 per track.

* Hair is not included *

MICRO-LINK  HAIR EXTENSIONS  (lasts 2+ months)   $260+

The method is most often utilized as an integration method use to increase volume, length, and color when added to clients natural hair. Our basic micro-link hair extension service includes shampoo and conditioning, installation of the micro-links and commercial hair, haircut, and flat iron.

Track-by-track installation is $40 per track.

* Hair is not included *

QUICK WEAVES    (lasts 2 - 4 weeks)         $95 +

The hair extension method consists of bonding commercial hair to the clients own protected hair. This method is a short term hair weaving solution, compared to the sew-in and micro-link methods. The style includes shampooing and conditioning your natural hair and weave application. The cut and basic style is also included.

Track-by-track installation is $15 per track.

CUSTOM WIG/SEW-IN UNITS                   $275 +

WEAVE REMOVAL                                       $20 +

WEAVE SHAMPOO/ STYLING                    $50 +  

NO-SHOW                      $20

Shampoo NATURAL HAIR         $50 +
Thorough Shampoo, conditioning, brow dry, flat iron

Shampoo and Style (RELAXED HAIR)      $40 +
Thorough shampoo followed by a deep conditioner and styled.
Ladies Haircut     add         $25 +
A precision haircut tailored to suit your facial structure and personal style.
Men's Haircut    add           $25 +
Precision haircut that clean and neat

Model Call  Occasionally, we seek interested individual to display various hairstyles. If you are interested in being a model, click Contact US and complete the form so we can contact you. We prefer models who are suffering with extreme hair challenges such as alopecia, severe hair breakage, chemotherapy treatments, etc. who are able to afford regular routine maintenance for continued hair success.  However, we encourage anyone interested to contact us.

45 Minute Weave Unit       $320+ depending on length

A time saving, full sew-in unit with lace closure that can be done in less than an hour.     


3 - Shampoo w/basic style, deep conditioner, 1- Relaxer Retouch and a designer haircut over a 30-day period. Click price to purchase.

Smoothing Treatment                                $85 + 

Smoothing conditioning treatment that will help keep hair shinier, sleeker, smoother, and straighter with more body and less frizz.  Great for clients transitioning  from relaxed to natural. Formaldehyde-FREE, Paraben-FREE. Lasts 3 - 4 weeks.

Intense Smoothing Treatment                   $125 +

Smoothing and strengthening treatment that encourages hair to become healthier, stronger and more manageable. This treatment allow you to wear more defined and sleeker styles without the harsh alkaline ingredients of traditional relaxer products. Formaldehyde-FREE.  Lasts 7 - 8 weeks.

Ultimate Smoothing Treatment                 $175+

This unique formula is the key to help smooth and straighten virgin/resistant/highlighted/fine/colored/chemically treated hair. It contains silk and pearl which helps eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl. The rich, luxurious formula will penetrate deep into the damaged cuticle. Results will vary depending on texture and condition of hair. Lasts 10 - 12 weeks.

Hair Addition Services

Here at Head Games the Salon, we are specialist when it comes to commercial hair additions. We offer several integration weaving techniques that are done when the clients wants to leave out most of their own hair. In addition, we offer a multitude of full head hair addition applications.


Why choose Hair Additions:

  •  To help with transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair.
  • To give your natural hair a break from the stresses of daily styling techniques.
  • To conceal thinning area of the scalp due to hair loss
  • To change look for a special occasion
  • To add length and volume to ones own hair
  • To try color without the commitment
  • To try a shorter style without cutting your own hair
  • ..... there are many more reasons to utilize Hair Additions



ANY WAY, ANY WEAVES OF ANY KIND THAT WERE NOT INSTALLED BY A STYLIST CURRENTLY WORKING AT HEAD GAMES THE SALON........PERIOD!   *   *   *   *  (Basically, if we didn't install it, we are not touching it)

Consult with your stylist for detailed pricing...

What We Offer

The Ultimate Adult Salon for Hair Weaving, Hair Replacement, Conditioning Treatments, Keratin Treatments, Relaxers, Customized Color, and Precision Cuts

​Intensifying Conditioning Treatments

Protein Treatment       add  $25 +

Strengthening treatment for damaged hair 

Moisture Bath            add    $15 +

Moisturizing conditioning treatment to relieve dry hair and scalp

Soothing Scalp Treatment            add    $15 +
Soothes dry, itchy scalp while stimulating scalp to increase blood flow and promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth

Steam Hydration Therapy            add    $25 +
Deep penetrating conditioning treatment that opens up the cuticle layer of the hair to increase the effects of the conditioner, improves elasticity of the hair, increases moisture levels of dry hair, among other great benefits. 

Hair Coloring Services

Single process color         $65 +short/ 75+medium/ 90+long hair

A single process color is a color service that utilizes one color application.  This service includes a shampoo and deep conditioner.

Multidimensional Haircolor  $90+ (S)/ $120+ (M)/ $145 (L) 

A coloring processing that requires pre-lightening the hair or multiple color applications. This service includes a shampoo and deep conditioner.

Hair Relaxers

Virgin Relaxer                    $75 +

​A relaxer application with more than 1" of new growth. The includes the relaxer application, conditioning treatment, basic styling.

Retouch Relaxer                 $60 +

A routine relaxer application that touched up new growth that's less than an 1" long.  This service includes application of the relaxer, shampooing and conditioning, and conditioning treatment, with basic styling.

PHYTO Relaxer / Retouch            $140 +/ $105

A natural based hair relaxing product that's more gentle to your hair and scalp. This product includes relaxer application, conditioning and basic styling.